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Fit for Purpose - Shillingstone's Shop gets a makeover

DATE POSTED: 20 Feb 2017
During the autumn last year, Trustee Patrick Law was shopping in Highcliffe (Christchurch) and came upon a Lloyds pharmacy that was closing down.  Being a station shop and café volunteer, he immediately saw an opportunity to acquire some of the redundant display shelves and engaged the owner in conversation to see if they could be re-located to Shillingstone.

Most of the station’s present shop fittings have been in place since the start of the restoration project and after more than ten years’ use are beginning to look a little tired. The trunks and cases provide ample storage but don’t allow merchandise, including the new range of Bachmann ‘N’ gauge models of Shillingstone’s station buildings, to be displayed to best advantage.  At this stage, no agreement was reached with the shop owner and it looked like a lost cause as no further contact was made.  However, in mid-November, Patrick received a phone call to say that the fittings were available but they would have to be collected quickly. 

The  station’s Wednesday Team soon got a gang together to do the furniture removal.  Mark Meyts, Patrick himself plus local members David Irons and Norman Walder got busy removing lines of shelving, wall units, a counter plus several aisle display units (gondolas as they call them in the trade).  These were removed, loaded into a van, driven to Shillingstone and stored in the down shelter, aided by volunteers Bill Powell, John Stamp, Hugh Davies, Alan Symons, Paul West and Roger Lanary. 

Early December saw Patrick hard at work with his tape measure in the station shop planning how best to install all the material.   Work on re-vamping the station shop took place during Winter 2016/17 by our band of volunteers.  Comments Derek, “now the refurbishment is complete, customers are beginning to  appreciate browsing in a less cluttered environment”.