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We are always pleased to hear from members and the general public (or 'potential members' as we like to call them !). However, whilst we'd love to be able to say, 'just pick up the phone for a chat', the truth is that we are all volunteers with busy lives outside the railway project.  Sadly, there's no-one able to sit at a switchboard all day just waiting for your call !

So, although you can phone the station on the days when we are open, it's probably best if you just drop us a line to the station address given below. That way, your query can be passed to the appropriate person the next time they are on duty.

We are considering the possibility of establishing an email facility at the station but we do have to weigh up the relatively high costs of doing this against the likely usage. If we do take the plunge, you can be sure the service will be well publicised.

  Our address :

The North Dorset Railway Trust
Shillingstone Station
Blandford Forum
Dorset DT11 0SA
  Our contact details:

Tel: 01258 860696

Open 10am - 4pm every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday

shillingstone railway

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The village of Shillingstone is situated near the southerly end of the A357 which runs from Wincanton in the North to the outskirts of Blandford Forum in the South.

Approaching from the South

Take the A350 from Blandford Forum northwards towards Shaftesbury. After approximately 1 mile turn left at a set of traffic lights onto the A357 towards Shillingstone and Sturminster Newton. After 2 miles you will enter Shillingstone. The station is situated at the far end of the village which is almost 1 mile long. After passing the primary school on your right the road descends a long gentle hill, at the bottom of this, turn right into St. Patrick's Industrial Estate. The station is situated at the far end of the industrial estate.

Approaching from the North

From Wincanton and the A303, take the A357 and follow signs for Templecombe and Blandford Forum. Shillingstone is located approximately 2 miles south of Sturminster Newton. Approaching the village you will see the old railway bridge and embankment on your left, the road then curves to the right as you enter the outskirts of Shillingstone. At this point take the left turn into St. Patrick's Industrial Estate. The station can be found at the far end of this industrial estate.

A green sandwich board points towards the station from the main road. Please drive with care as you approach the industrial estate as there are private dwellings here and there are often small children playing in the road.