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Paying for everything

It must be evident to anyone that running a railway is an expensive business. When you’ve got to build that railway, virtually from scratch, the task and associated costs become that much greater which is why the job takes a long time in ‘real world’ terms. If Network Rail can rebuild the track at Dawlish in a matter of weeks as they did a year or two back, just think what we could do with the same budget and resources!

Of course, the two projects aren’t really comparable but they do explain why we need to raise as much money as we can to make even modest progress. Long gone are the days when surplus track could be acquired for just the cost of transportation - today, everything has its price and the value of scrap is well recognised by those with materials to sell.

Therefore, we make no apologies for holding out the begging bowl. As you know, or will when you browse through this site, the North Dorset Railway Trust has a number of major projects on the go at present. They include the acquisition of land from the station up to and including Lamb House Bridge subject to the trust being granted planning permission to extend the railway northwards.  This will involve re-routing part of the trailway to keep users safe.  Then there is the cost of laying the track but fortunately, the trust has already acquired most of the rails and components so much of the outlay has already been committed.

These are just a few of the restoration plans we have to tackle in the coming months.  General maintenance of buildings and equipment are constant necessities that require fuelling with cash. Please take a few moments to browse through the pages that follow and if you feel you can spare a donation to speed our work along, it will be much appreciated.


Help us raise money for the Trust AND get the chance to win a cash prize ! 

Our recently launched 100 Club is helping generate funds for the Trust as well as offering a cash prize to one lucky winner each month whose number is drawn.  For full details and an application form, just click on the link below.